Tracks Asanas and Corrects Postures


Correlates Body Vitals from Wearables


Connects Yoga Teachers to Students


Smart Yoga Gadget

YogiFi is an Intelligent Yoga Mat that tracks asanas, provides real-time correctional feedback, correlates vitals from wearables and tracks daily progress. It is powered by our unique knowledge platform that has the collective wisdom of global yoga gurus.

Product Specs

YogiFi Series I

YogiFi Series I

    Seamless sensor technology
    embedded inside the mat to
    track asanas.


    Smart Yoga session planner,
    access to rich content from
    gurus across globe, monitor
    progress, leader board, etc.


    Voice instructions providing
    correctional feedback on
    asanas to practitioner.


    Traveler-friendly, eco-friendly,
    multi-mode, outdoor/indoor

How YogiFi can help you?

 Provides personalized yoga experience, tracks your progress on goals and access to yoga gurus across the globe.

Optional Add-Ons

Wearable Integration and Smart Assistant Integration
Seamless Integration with 3rd Party Wearables

Can seamlessly work with 3rd party wearables (Fitbit, Samsung gear, Apple watch, Muse band, Oura ring) to collect body vitals and correlate to yoga practice.

Smart Assistant Integration

Can seamlessly integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Home acting as assistant to yoga teachers for reminders and motivation.

YogiFi Making Headlines!


Very interesting and need of the hour product...

Would love to explore the mat in the US as soon as it can be made available. Very excited about this product.

I find it very interesting. Please share more about it.

Very innovative would like to know more and like to have demo.

Interested in your product.

Winner of Twice Picks Award @ CES'19

Here's to a Happy, Healthy New Year!

Make wholesome healthy choices with YogiFi and resolve to be fitter than ever. 

May all your fitness goals be met.

Happy New Year!