How YogiFi works

Step 1

Build your custom yoga program that meets your fitness/wellness goals

Yogifi App provides you the option to create your very own yoga program that meets your level, duration and needs. If you design your own program, you will never have an excuse to skip your fitness routine. You'll receive a set of inspiring asanas related to your focus areas packed into a program. Track, analyze and share your progress with your family and friends.

Step 2

Initialize the program at a convenient time and start your practice

The key feature for Yogifi is that it can be used anywhere/anytime. If your kids are playing at the park, you can do your yoga practice right there! All you have to do is to initiate your pre-designed program on your phone and start following the instructions.

Step 3

Rectify your asanas with instant feedback from the Yogifi mat

Yogifi app will support you as a beginner, educating you to quickly feel like an expert. The mat senses the position of your hands, legs and your body including the pressure points, breathing rhythm and heart rate. You will receive specific instructions on how to correct your asana and move forward.

Step 4

Track your progress and stay motivated

The best workout is the one that you can actually accommodate in your daily routine. Yogifi app provides you a way to track your practice time and progress over time. You can stay motivated by signing up for challenges with family and friends. Your trainer also will receive updates regarding your practice which will further propel you to stay on-track.

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