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Asana Tracker

Patent-pending non-intrusive technology that tracks postures and individual's progress on strength & flexibility

Wearable Integration

Works with third party wearables (eg. Apple Watch) to track and correlate body vitals in the context of yoga practice sessions

Innovative Design

Traveler-friendly, eco-friendly, multi-mode, outdoor/indoor, Wi-FiI/Bluetooth

Companion Mobile App

Smart yoga session planner, access to rich content from gurus across globe, monitor progress, leader board, etc.

Smart Assistant Integration

Integration with Alexa, home acting as assistant to Yoga teachers for reminders and motivations

Real-time Feedback

Voice instruction providing correctional feedback on asanas to practitioners

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How Yogifi Works

Posture Training

In this mode, the YogiFi mat is your virtual trainer. It provides step-by-step instructions, tracks your postures, and gives alignment corrections in real time as you practice. This mode is recommended for students who want to learn individual asanas (postures) with the guidance of YogiFi’s expert feedback.

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On-Demand Sessions

With on-demand sessions, you can follow a pre-recorded yoga program developed by a certified yoga teacher on the YogiFi platform. The YogiFi mat tracks your postures while you practice and provides real-time corrections. You can also choose to mute the audio corrections. The YogiFi mat will silently track your postures and provide a summary at the end of the session. This mode is suitable for all students who want to engage in expertly curated classes and challenges.

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Instructor-Led Sessions

When you follow a live instructor-led class from the YogiFi Studio, the YogiFi mat tracks your postures and sends your practice data back to the studio. With this information, the instructor can provide you with personalized feedback either during or after the session. This mode allows students of all levels to benefit from remote connection with an expert teacher for individualized guidance.

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Most Influential Consumer Tech || Top Start-up Award || Most Innovative Fitness Tech Company


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