New Patent Granted for Technology Invention Behind Yogifi. CV Technology Innovator Award Winner 2019 (UK).

Difficulties with adopting and integrating
Yoga in our daily life

Am I doing correctly? Is my teacher able to notice my practice in this large class?

Such a stressful day at work today. Wish there is a session today for quick stress relief!

I have a conflict with tomorrow’s class and will miss my practice. Wish I had the flexibility in timings.

Wish there was a way to make Yoga practice more fun ! May be like challenging my friends.

I am not sure if I am steadily improving. Wish there is a way to measure my progress.

Simplify with

Yogifi is a smart virtual yoga Instructor that offers personalized wellness programs on a Intelliget yoga Mat that tracks various exercise, postures, provides real-time correctional feedback and correlates body vitals from wearables


Asana Tracking & Instant Feedback

YogiFi tracks asanas during practice and provides real- time correctional feedback. Teachers can review the data offline and provide personalized guidance


Instant relief programs designed by teachers

With YogiFi, you have a curated list of Instant relief sessions for most common daily problems, which you can practice anytime you want


Flexibility in timings and practice

With YogiFi, now You can practice Yoga from the comfort of your home and follow the schedule that best suits you.


Fun & Motivational

With YogiFi, you can have fun both practicing alone OR taking up a yoga challenge with friends, with constant motivation and subtle reminders from Google Home/Amazon Alexa


Track your daily progress

With YogiFi companion app, you can track your sessions effectiveness, your daily progress, your vitals before & after the session and get a 360 degree view of your practice


YogiFi made waves at CES'19.
Let's see what people have to say about this revolutionary Yoga Mat.

I like how Yogifi corrected my downward dog position that I wasn’t applying enough pressure on my heels. I can’t wait to try out other asanas and rectify my mistakes.

Joey, Arizona

I am very excited that Yogifi will enable me to do yoga outdoors. Also, I am a frequent traveler. So, with Yogifi, I will feel more accountable and will be able to practice yoga more regularly.

Tom, San diego

I am an ardent yogi and many of my friends practice yoga as well. I am very excited that I can have a yoga challenge with my friends with the app. I am looking forward to it.

Joanna, UK

Award-Winning Cutting-Edge Innovation

Most Influential Consumer Tech || Top Start-up Award || Most Innovative Fitness Tech Company

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YogiFi made waves at CES'19.
Let's see what people have to say about this revolutionary Yoga Mat.