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Corporate Wellness Portal

An online, web-based wellness platform that provides your employees fun and engaging fitness challenges, online yoga coaching, track yoga practice, social features, points and more!  Additionally, the employer would be able to track corporate wellness programs, fitness points and rewards.


Employee Fitness Challenges

Yoga challenges for your entire company. We are focused on making health and fitness fun for everyone. That's why we made a variety of challenge levels to accommodate a wide range of users. Employees can use Yogifi App to track their practice which directly feeds into the Corporate Portal.


Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone

Research shows that as little as five minutes of outdoor exercise can increase productivity and reduce stress because sunshine naturally increases serotonin, a hormone that affects your mood and exercise itself produces endorphins. Yogifi mat provides the flexibility to practice yoga outdoor to get a break from work based on their own schedule just by initiating the program from their smartphone.

Overall savings in providing Yoga programs

Total cost of wellness program per employee is $500-$600 annually. There is effort spent on scheduling the necessary trainers and space for fitness classes. Yogifi can help save this effort and will bring down the overall cost of providing yoga classes to your employees.

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